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Gretna Green Wedding Webcam

Possibly the most famous wedding venue in the world. Live streaming of weddings at Gretna Green's Anvil Hall.

More about this webcam location:

Gretna has been a haven for lovers and romantics for more than 250 years and this tradition is still going strong today with over 700 weddings per year at the famous Anvil Hall. Now, however, those weddings can also be seen live, and streaming on the web.

Gretna Green was, and in some ways still is, the first changing post across the Scottish Border for the stagecoaches on the main London to Edinburgh route. This began Gretna's long association with the romance of the runaways and elopers.

The ceremonies were often carried out over the anvil with the "Blacksmith Priest" officiating. This remained the position for over 100 years. So many thousands of lovers have wed at Gretna Green that its name and traditions live around the world.