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All you need is an IP camera and an Internet connection

Streamdays is Open Platform

You can use an existing IP camera you may already have or choose from the wide range we have available on our IP Camera Store.

Most IP cameras that can run H.264 over RTSP are supported, which is the vast majority of IP cameras available today. 

To help you choose, the best IP cameras for use with Streamdays are from world-leading manufacturer AXIS Communications. Indeed, if audio is required, we support only audio from Axis cameras.

Contact us if you need advice on the right camera for you.

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Set up could not be easier

We support most IP cameras. You can use your existing camera or buy one from us, or opt to go with our bundled package. Setup is all the same.

A Managed Hosting Service

We make set up easy and ensure maximum uptime of your webcam stream

We are video streaming experts with over ten years of experience. We help you with the set up of your camera stream and will look after it for its life. We handle all the hosting and technical aspects of your stream.

Streamdays features Auto-error Detection which automatically reports into us as soon as a camera drops offline. We then troubleshoot this under a strict SLA ensuring any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

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