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Streamdays is an incredibly effective tool to increase your online exposure

Few things cost so little and have such a big impact.

Proven to improve brand awareness and increase traffic. Ideal for engagement and increasing social media activity

Create awareness

92% said that Streamdays increases customer awareness of their business. Our survey also showed that almost 75% of the respondents use Facebook for promoting their live stream and creating awareness whilst 45% use Twitter. Customers also used their Streamdays camera in Google+, Linkedin and newsletter promotions.

Increase traffic

In our survey over 86% of the respondents state that Streamdays increases their web traffic and almost 57% add that people spend more time on their website, whilst 24% also say they see a direct impact on sales. Asking whether Streamdays offers value for money 96% of the respondents said yes and 98% found the service 'very good' or 'excellent'.

Make Your Camera a Focal Point

Top Tip: create a dedicated web page for your stream or integrate it into a popup window with some key information alongside the view in order to fully maximise its impact on visitors. Make it more engaging by making it informative.

Do that and you will see that your web camera will become one of the most successful parts of your website for drawing in traffic.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Top Tip: promote your web camera via social media channels. Constantly delivering fresh content makes a camera of great interest for sharing with the world. It entices existing and prospective customers and engages stakeholders.

Sharing your stream via social media will increase awareness of your business and makes for some great opportunities to drive up traffic.

Be Creative

Top Tip: your web camera delivers unique content that others may want. Think about this. Local or national media may be interested in linking to your camera or weather, traffic, surf / ski or travel websites may want to list your stream.

Live camera streams lend themselves very well to sponsorships arrangement too. The opportunities really are plentiful for the creative mind.

Capitalise on Increased Traffic

Top Tip: include a call-to-action on your web camera page to convert more of the additional traffic you’ll receive into enquiries and sales. Your camera page will become a key landing page - promoting your service here could be very effective.

Contact us if you would like to discuss effective webcam implementation with our specialists.

Be Mobile Friendly

Top Tip: a bit more difficult to achieve but critical for future success, ensure your website is tailored to mobile devices. A Streamdays video stream is cross platform, helping you to get under way.

Streamdays is open platform - people can view your camera from any device.